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Withings scale not updating

Titles like If you’ve thrown a paper plane, you can launch the Parrot Disco.

Toss the 1.6-pound drone into the sky, and onboard sensors—gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, and GPS—navigate the fixed-wing craft to 150 feet, where it circles awaiting further command.

Your job: Try to see them all while discovering species, trading resources, and surviving the vast expanse of the final frontier that is space. Even the best 4K TVs can swallow up details in the darkest and brightest parts of the image.

High-dynamic range (HDR)—a catchall term for video encoded with a billions-deep color gamut—brings those nuances into the forefront.

The sound bar’s 32 forward-firing drivers are joined by 12 upward-firing ones, which ricochet sounds off the ceiling like a helicopter flying overhead or birds in a tree.

Or simply use the first 7.1.2 channel sound bar to play your favorite tunes off Spotify, Pandora, and more.

9 Ultrahigh-def content is coming, and Samsung’s device is the first to handle it all.

Its powerful rendering engine can generate 18 quintillion planets—99.9 percent of which you’ll never have time to visit.First, sensors at the top of the ear cups measure your head size to precisely time audio delays between the ears.Four drivers surround each ear, simulating sound that comes from multiple directions.The Transacoustic Guitar re-creates reverb and chorus, using built-in knobs to control the two.The movement of the strings vibrates an actuator inside the instrument, which alters the guitar’s sound on the fly—no electricity required—granting you on-stage rockstar prowess right in your lap.

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$777 Light-field cameras, which allow users to tweak parts of an image into focus, are increasingly common among consumer cameras.

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  1. I didn’t play video games casually either; I played them to an extremely competitive level, competed in tournaments and ran one of my teams like you would run a business.