What to know when dating a libra woman

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A natural profiler, he watches, listens, and observes behavior.He has an uncanny ability to hyper-focus, go beyond the superficial, and read people accurately.The sun signs can tell you some of the dynamics of a relationship.However, it's the two entire charts that really tell the tale.She likes the ramping up stage and takes great pleasure in the process of seduction.

Scorpio and Libra make an unlikely connection because the astrological elements between them don't work well together. On the other hand, a Libra woman is more into communication and prefers things light and breezy.She's flirty, vivacious, fun to be around, and has an almost uncanny ability to put people at ease. This is a woman with an iron fist in a velvet glove.She's a master of "the silent treatment" and passive aggression.In other words, he often finds it hard to see things clearly when he thinks another man is interested in or pursuing "his" woman, or if he believes "his" woman is interested in another man.The Scorpio man is all about holding his emotions in and finds it difficult to convey in words what he's really thinking or feeling. This self-contained man literally craves that ultimate height of feeling and expression through orgasm and release. He's sexually turned on by physical expressions of passion and primal energies.

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You could say she's obsessed with being in a relationship. She doesn't yearn for an emotional ride or for love making that will leave her in a puddle of exhaustion.

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