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Wes taylor and matt doyle dating

He's an incredible actor and always has a cool, classic style.

Most of what I wear is either second hand ("recycled" as I like to call it). Favorite store no one has heard of: A shoe store in Florence near Piazza Santo Spirito. When we visited his Bushwick loft, the day after his birthday party, Matt looked inexplicably perfect for a guy who’d just rolled out of bed. Current Film Projects: The Lion and The Bull, and Jonathan. I'm recording an album with my Punk band, Poor Sports. When I can afford it, I spring for stuff that is made locally and from eco-friendly materials. I can't afford the shoes, but I love watching the guy make them. Between stories of building his owns salsa company and the difficulties of backyard gardening, he mixed Michelada’s while his girlfriend cooked up a batch of crepes. I have a few designer items, but I wish I actually knew where and how they were made. One of my acting icons is also a style inspiration for me: Ryan Gosling. He made sure we took some of his Brooklyn Salsa home with us.

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I don’t really get super dressed up for auditions, but I always find it funny auditioning for war themed projects because without fail, every person there is wearing some article of green clothing as if to say, “Hey I'm not getting dressed up, but can’t you just imagine me wearing a full out military get up! I had no shirt on, just this elaborate coat, and puffy purple silk pants that where right out of MC Hammer’s closet.