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Video chat request

Any member can be a steward - all you have to do is to click on "Offer Chat" and leave the browser window open for as long as you like.This "stand-by" connection does not consume any bandwidth and nothing is shared from your camera until a connection with another members is established.The solution offers a more efficient and effective communication, speeds up resolution time, and improves customer experiences for higher satisfaction rates and increased sales.Audio & Video Chat is an add-on feature which requires an extra cost.

During this video call, which should take less than 3 minutes, our representative will ask a few questions to confirm some of the information entered by the freelancer on his/her profile.Using Slaask, you can conduct a Video Chat or a Screensharing session with anyone (lead, customer, etc.) browsing your website…right from Slack. Neither for your Slack team nor for your leads and customers.The only thing your Slack team or your leads and customers need is a web browser. 🙂 The features Video Chat and Screensharing perfectly work on mobile phones but via a mobile app.To do this, wait until you hear a "ding" sound and click on "Accept Call". At the end of the call, click on the "Close Chat" button.You can start a direct video call by typing /dig chat @username (replace username with the party you want to chat with) and clicking on the "Request Direct Chat" link that opens. Type /dig chat @channel (ignore the popup warning) and only members from within the same channel will be connected.

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Another agent cannot join an ongoing audio or video chat, but the agent can join to send text messages as usual.