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On environmental grounds, I couldn’t be happier about the move to digital – but it means local storage needs are growing rapidly.

The days of having a slot-in memory cartridge are far gone – a few hundred gigabytes would be modest by today’s standards. Luckily, Sony made it really easy and user-serviceable to upgrade the internal storage drive – unlike Microsoft, who locked it down and demanded you buy first-party approved models only.

Slot in carefully, aligning the SATA connectors and secure with the blue screw.

Go ahead and boot up – the system will detect a new drive, and ask if you wish to use this to store system data and saves etc.

In conclusion, you’re not going to see a noticeable difference.

The best balance between price and performance seems lie in a 7200 rpm drive.

Assuming you want to keep your current game saved states and profiles, you’ll need to perform a full system backup first. Before continuing, it’s also important to download the latest firmware install.

In terms of load times, Gran Turismo 5 took twice as long (around 30 seconds) to load a particular level on a 5400 rpm drive compared to an SSD; however, other games saw little to no benefit.If you wish to save your current data, you’ll need another external hard drive with USB connection, as long as it has at least the capacity of your current drive, there is no problem with physical size.There’s are no Torx screw involved in the upgrade process, so all you need is a small cross head screwdriver, and in some cases, a flat head screwdriver to pry off case parts.The caddy for the Super Slim is incompatible with older models, so check before you buy.The drive area can be found on the right side of the device (looking from the front), next to the CD tray.

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The 12 GB of internal flash storage transfers over to the new drive – that’s it.

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