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Updating a status label

It is expected that more water utilities become aware of PVC-O.

There are lots of advantages in use of plastics: very good hydraulics (low material roughness), no incrustation (no sediment / sludge influence on a pipe surface), tightness of connections, durable materials / long life of a system, chemical resistance, light weight, ease of installation.

To improve the interfacial interaction between the reinforcement and the pipe, polyethylene yarns were fabricated by a micro-braiding technique for use as the reinforcement.

This pipe showed excellent long-term creep strength compared with the PE80 gas pipe or pipes reinforced with other kinds of resin.

This opens new market opportunities for the industry, which can be realized through advertisements and public relations work by the leading end-user, in co-operation with other members of the value chain.

PVC-O makes up only about one percent of North America’s annual installed footage in the four-inch and larger water pipe market and is produced by only one manufacturer.

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For most pipe applications impact modification is not required.

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