Updating a house to 100 amps

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Updating a house to 100 amps

I'm just old enough that I actually build and used tube some stuff when it was still in production.I've been an electrical engineer for nearly thirty years, doing mostly computer and consumer electronics design work.And there are other cases where companies are manufacturing and selling PCB's, chassis, etc. In ALL of these cases, I make no profit from any of the sales. I have a normal "day job" that pays the bills, this is strictly a hobby with me.So please do not expect me to provide the level of technical support that you might expect when buying a product. I do sell things, including projects I no longer need, PC boards for my designs, and occasionally parts and tubes.

One of the most frequently asked questions on this site is (something like) “how do I get my guitar to sound like David’s” or “how do I get that smooth sustain with my gear”.If you have questions please feel free to e-mail me at: Please, if you send me e-mail, make sure that there is a logical "subject", or your mail will get dumped along with all the junk mail (spam) that I get - it's up to about 100 junk e-mails per day now.If I don't respond within a few days, try again, just in case I missed your message.These are the HA-1 and HA-2 tube headphone amps, which I designed a long time ago: I've put some info from the old Wheatfield Audio web site here that might be useful, especially if you own an HA-1 or HA-2.Most of us, when we try to describe our favourite guitar tone, use words like smooth, warm, creamy and sustain, but it’s not always that easy to achieve that tone and we even have a tendency to dismiss great sounding equipment simply because we don’t use it right.

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