Ubuntu updating open office

Posted by / 01-Feb-2018 13:20

Ubuntu updating open office

All that is required is a USB flash drive, an Internet connection and the know-how to get it installed.

There are hardly any operating systems based on the Linux kernel out there that cost money.

Most, if not all, Linux distributions take your privacy very seriously.

You won’t find a bubbly talking assistant on your Linux desktop collecting data and information on you for financial gain.

Gimp is a huge software project filled with lots of contributors dedicated to making a viable photo editor for the Linux platform (and they also have a Windows version).

Most, if not all, Linux distributions are made in part by open source technologies.When you install software it is impossible for you to do so without knowingly entering your password.What’s even better is that when you install a Linux distribution, all the software you will ever need is inside servers that are maintained by the developers of the operating system itself.You’d be hard-pressed to find a copy of Microsoft’s latest operating system that can run on something as little as 128 megabytes of RAM. If you have an aging computer that isn’t compatible with Windows 10, don’t worry!There are Linux projects out there that specifically focus on old hardware.

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You’re not forced to participate in an ecosystem that you may not agree with, and Linux isn’t filled to the brim with one company’s “” Instead, you get to choose your own. When you use Microsoft’s new operating system, you are telling them that it is okay for them to collect data on you.