Symantec preventing windows vista from updating

Posted by / 05-Jul-2017 01:42

Symantec preventing windows vista from updating

"After a full evaluation and root cause analysis of the issue, we have determined that the issue was limited to machines running a combination of Windows XP, the latest version of the SONAR technology, the July 11th rev11 SONAR signature set, and certain third-party software," Cox later wrote.

Cox did not identify the third-party software, but in the discussion forum attached to her posting, a Symantec employee explained that the conflict was with various kinds of whole-disk-encryption software.

Hackers love pray who do not have there pc's up to date. If nothing else this thread has given me food for thought about whether to upgrade the OS on my to PC from Vista to Windows 7 since most of my applications are shown to be compatable with Windows 7. Allan, My main desktop and laptop are Windows 10 and I find them most satisfactory and better than all previous windows. In fact if you could make do with a Chromebook, simply converting or dual booting your vista pc to linux would be better and cheapest. That way they can try it without actually installing it.

If you can easily afford a replacement and any necessary new software, I'd go for a new win10 pc. Installing Linux is actually a great choice New Roger.

The business-oriented versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 include it as an option, as does Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. If you keep Vista passed April of 2017 then you will no longer get any Windows Updates. But using an outdated and unsupported operating system is a dangerous thing to do.I fix computers, build computers, remove malware and setup home networks.If anyone plans on doing any type of online shopping or banking then you need to stay current on security.

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