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While a threat is a bad thing that can happen, risk is the likelihood that the threat will occur.For instance, there is a threat that your building might collapse, but the risk of this happening is far greater in San Francisco (where earthquakes are common) than in Stockholm (where they are not).In the context of digital security, an asset is usually some kind of information.For example, your emails, contact lists, instant messages, location, and files are all possible assets. To answer this question, it’s important to identify who might want to target you or your information.

A government trying to prevent the spread of a video showing police violence may be content to simply delete or reduce the availability of that video.

A hacker on an open Wi-Fi network can access your unencrypted communications. Risk is the likelihood that a particular threat against a particular asset will actually occur. While your mobile phone provider has the capability to access all of your data, the risk of them posting your private data online to harm your reputation is low.

It is important to distinguish between threats and risks.

In contrast, a political opponent may wish to gain access to secret content and publish that content without you knowing.

Threat modeling involves understanding how bad the consequences could be if an adversary successfully attacks one of your assets.

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In other cases, people disregard high risks because they don't view the threat as a problem.