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Shot Spotter has repeatedly been forced to raise new money via private placements in order stave off insolvency, with investors describing the company as “ subsisting on fumes”. But the collection and analysis of the “big data” did have one result: there was now enough data gathered to prove categorically that Shot Spotter’s technology simply does not work. So Shot Spotter quickly adopted a campaign to thwart any release of that data, including blocking access for universities seeking to research it under the Freedom of Information Act.At one point, Shot Spotter decided to change the direction of its business and attempt to create a“big data” play on its detection of gun shots. After more than 20 years of providing cash infusions to keep afloat this struggling business, these private investors were finally unwilling to put in any further funds.And it comes in great detail from a wide variety of completely independent sources. As I will show in a subsequent section, Shot Spotter has undertaken significant efforts to thwart the release of any performance data for its product. It proves conclusively that the product provides no material benefit whatsoever.But an investigative journalist from Forbes was able to separately obtain and analyze much of the data behind Shot Spotter. The data obtained by Forbes in 2016 showed that Shot Spotter provided huge numbers of alerts to law enforcement, but that more than 98% of these alerts ended in no arrests being made.Shot Spotter’s founder, Robert Showen came up with this idea all the way back in 1994 when he kept hearing the sounds of gunfire in neighboring East Palo Alto.Over the years, there have been a few minor improvements to the technology to try to weed out more false positives (from other loud noises).Not surprisingly, each of these banks has been able to ignore the wealth of information that I present in this article.

By this time, Shot Spotter had never turned a profit and had an accumulated deficit of million.

But in fact, the US has had an epidemic problem of gun violence for decades.

Despite this decades of ongoing violence, Shot Spotter has not been able to achieve any real traction, and certainly no profits for more than 20 years.

So far they have made no mention of the concerns I raise below.

Imperial Capital sees 30% upside for Shotspotter Northland Capital Markets Starts Shot Spotter (SSTI) at Outperform Shot Spotter initiated with a Buy at Roth Capital PT Raised to .75 at Imperial Capital on 3Q Report Roth Capital Raises Shot Spotter Inc. (SSTI) Given a .00 Price Target by Imperial Capital Analysts The data against shot spotter is absolutely and overwhelmingly conclusive.

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