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This is simple source control logic but many people forget this.You want to check-in the original versions of the objects prior to applying the hotfix.When you apply a hotfix and check in the changed object, source control will consider this a "new" object ("add") since you just added it to source control.But of course you technically already had it to begin with.Since all VMs come with a specific version of the application, any hotfixes you install will have to be synchronized to any place where the application may be compiled - so all dev boxes, build box etc.And of course when I say "synchronized" I mean the code for these hotfixes should go into source control. You get a base version of the application on the VMs, and any changes are in source control.If you don't check it in before hitting apply, you won't have that base version! (in PU12 a dialog box was added after doing prepare that tells the developer to make sure to check-in prior to hitting apply).

So, consider these points: - Did the hotfix go into source control and was it synchronized to other VMs as well? this means removing the hotfix would affect multiple machines) - Was it just an issue on your dev box, for example you hit apply right after prepare but haven't checked in anything (i.e.Cloud Functions lets you run database operations with full administrative privileges, and ensures that each change to the database is processed individually.You can make Firebase Realtime Database changes via the .There aren't many hotfixes for platform since it is updated monthly anyway, but when there is it's cumulative and you install the whole thing at once as an update.Even though you get the source you don't worry about it going into source control or building and compiling it, because essentially you have the binaries already in the update which is ready to deploy to other non-dev environments, and you always get the whole source anyway - as opposed to deltas of just changed objects.

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An object could already have been added to source control.