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Live sex chat without sigh up

She could feel his cock stiffening and suddenly felt his body tense behind her. She felt his head against her pussy again and she shuddered, turning her head away. His pace quickened, creating a desperate, rhythmic tapping of flesh between them. She didn’t have time to protest as she felt his cock enter her pussy from behind. She put her hand over her mouth and yelled into the sweaty palm of her hand as he continued to ram himself into her.She slid her hand from her thigh to her underwear, already feeling the dampness seeping through them. Her breathing was hot and heavy and seemed to echo throughout the room as her climax slowly began to fade. At this point, she was almost afraid to be alone with him again, although she craved his body almost everyday. Smith was perfectly nonchalant with her during class to the point where she often wondered if it had actually happened. Friday afternoon, at the end of class, Taylor quickly packed up her books and made for the door, passing Mr. “Taylor.” She froze and watched as the last students exited the room, leaving her alone with Mr. Her breathing suddenly quickened and she turned to him. She glanced to her left and swallowed uneasily, looking at the spot where they had... Put your bag down.” Hesitantly, Taylor obeyed and set her bag down beside her seat. It was a chore trying to control her erratic breathing. When Taylor did nothing, he beckoned to her hand with his fingers. He wrapped his fingers around her hand and pulled her up and around his desk to him. Her eager fingers dipped into herself and she stifled a moan. Her other hand found her right breast and began rubbing it in tantalizing circles. Riding on her erotic euphoria, she fell asleep, dreaming of her next afterschool session with Mr. For the next few days, Taylor found it increasingly difficult to concentrate in History class. He was erasing his lesson on the whiteboard, not looking at her directly. She bit the inside of her cheek and made an effort to look confident by meeting his gaze levelly. She stood before him uneasily, his hand sending involuntary shivers up her arm. Smith, I- ” He finally stood and pressed her against his desk with his waist. Do you know how hard it is to teach when I have you in my class? Then, as he teased her clit, he slipped two fingers into her pussy. She flung the belt away and pulled his pants and boxers down. Her body froze against the desk and she looked up at Mr. His eyes closed for a long moment, then opened again and met her gaze. Slowly, he thrust his fingers into her and continued to lick her hungrily, sending her over the edge. He stepped out of them and pressed himself against her wet fount. She wrapped her arms under his and braced herself as she felt his swollen head begin to enter her, teasing her, making her go insane with pleasure.

I had to face the fact that while we both shared a pain about all of this, he has the privilege of still being madly in love with me, of seeing me intact and good and worthy, and I remain…broken.

Smith faded in and out of her mind: his large, sensuous hands traveling over her sinewy back, falling down and caressing her legs and rear as she sat on top of him, riding him desperately. She moved her hand from her breast down to her fount and jammed two fingers inside as she climaxed, pumping herself with two fingers and rubbing her clit with her other hand. Often times, he almost seemed to intentionally ignore her. He hadn’t even called on her to participate in class discussions. Finally, he looked at her, that laidback expression masking something darker in his eyes. He pulled out of her, making her feel suddenly empty, and pulled her upright on the desk so that she was seated facing him. She wrapped her arms around his torso, placing the side of her face against the soft cotton fabric of his sweater. She breathed in – a mixture of deodorant and sweat.

It was so wrong, but when he had emptied himself into her, she hadn’t had a care in the world. To suppress her cries, she bit her lip until it began to pulse with pain and she stiffened herself against the bed. She always tried to get out of the room as quickly as possible when the bell rang. “Come here.” He closed the door and locked it before making his way over to his desk. She followed him and sat in a chair on the other side of the desk. Smith didn’t say anything for a moment, then extended his hand over the desk. He smiled down at her and she smiled back lazily, a feeling of exhaustion washing over her. “My parents will be gone next Friday and Saturday.” She didn’t have to look up to know he was smiling.

There was always a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach now, a mixture of remorse and paranoia. She felt papers, pencils and books behind her and heard them scuffle and fall from the desk as Mr. His eager lips dipped down to her neck as he grabbed the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up above her head. Smith smiled over at her and positioned his head between her legs. Lie down.” His commanding tone aroused her and she did as she was told, leaning back and resting on her elbows. Her eyes closed, she felt his fingers exit her and his mouth leave her pussy. ” Thrashing, she felt both of his strong hands on her wrists.

Still under-experienced, Taylor felt self-conscious about her half-naked body and her limbs shook nervously. She closed her eyes as she felt his hands gliding over her thighs and her pussy. A moment later, she felt a slick finger touch her mouth. ” She suddenly felt so filthy, so vile, as if she had been bathing in a muddy bog.

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Read Part 1 here: Taylor lay on her bed, resting one hand on her stomach and the other on her thigh. Smith’s delicious weight on top of her and his cock thrusting deep within her. The room was still for a long moment as their climaxes receded.

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