Liechtenstein dating marriage

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Liechtenstein dating marriage

Roman Catholicism is the state religion of Liechtenstein, and about 85 percent of the people are Catholic.

Approximately 7 percent are Protestant, and the rest belong to other denominations.

Except for a brief period of French rule under Napoleon, the principality has been independent since 1912.

The principality joined the United Nations in 1991 and applied for membership in the European Community (EC) in 1994.

The citizens of this politically neutral principality enjoy a peaceful and prosperous existence in the midst of a scenic Alpine landscape.

The region now known as Liechtenstein has been inhabited since 3000 .

With an area of roughly 62 square miles (160 square kilometers)—slightly smaller than Washington, D. The western part of Liechtenstein, situated on the Rhine's eastern bank, is a flat region covering about 40 percent of the country, with mountains occupying much of the larger area to the east.

The witches vanish when he disobeys them by drinking a toast to his own health.

After this he suddenly finds himself seated on a scaffold holding a bleeding ox's hoof—a symbol of witchcraft—in his hand.

In another tale, a farmer suspects that a witch's spell is preventing his butter from thickening.

Liechtenstein's population is unevenly distributed among the principality's eleven administrative districts, which are called "communes." Vaduz, the capital city, has a population of about 5,000.

Standard German is the official language of Liechtenstein.

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