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Lauren conrad dating my boys

The reality star added that she is tired of fluctuating from a size 8 to a 14 and thinks having surgery is the only way to keep her weight down for good because dieting makes her miserable.Lauren had previously revealed that she was in it for the long haul with Joey as she discussed her plans to start a family.The size 12 star also rubbished claims that she and the convict had split up, as she insisted she 'can't wait' to have babies with him.Lauren finds it tricky to lose weight because she feels like she'd have to stop socialising to stick to a diet - and sees liposuction or a gastric band as a last resort.'I'm sick of yo-yoing. I'm curvy and go in and out in the right places but I just need that head start,' she said.She shared: 'Me and Joey are still speaking, and we're good friends as nothing happened to make us fall out.

She admitted that Joey says she is 'beautiful' but because he is always exercising in prison, he wants her to do the same.I was around 41 when I decided to go down the adoption route as a single woman. But I kept thinking: ‘If I find this traumatic, what on earth must she be feeling? She says: When I look back, it’s hard to believe that Tuesday is the same child as the one I brought back on the plane.I was dating Adrian, my partner, at the time — he is now my daughter Tuesday’s legal father — but it was something I did very much on my own. Going through the process of getting Tuesday was like a job in itself. Writing Ruby Redfort, my teen detective series, helped, but I was very anxious most of the time. So much of your headspace is taken up with ‘Should I be phoning someone? ’ Back home in London, Tuesday never wanted me to leave her side. And that’s what my Mongolian friends had told me: things will rapidly improve the more love a child gets'Adrian and my friends were incredible and, actually, although everything wasn’t perfect — we would have tantrums, all normal, but with fostering or adoption you don’t necessarily know what the cause is — Tuesday is an amazing child and everyone adored her.I want a beautiful household with lots of love and affection. Growing up, I always thought I would give birth to a child, but I always thought I’d adopt as well.

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The TOWIE veteran took to Instagram to share her side of the break-up with her 777,000 followers, explaining that they hadn't been together for a 'few months'.