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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Official trailer: N8h I Harry Styles. Who has been labeled by the paparazzi as a womanizer, In actuality though, he's just a charming, witty, friendly boy from England wh... My jaw dropped Simon Cowell just walked through the door. " I finally spoke and laughed at the end, I laugh in every situation mostly when I'm nervous. I'm happy he's finally found someone, even though you two just came out publicly.

*Jenny's POV* I sat in the rec room area trying to stop biting my nails. I can see a connection." he sat down a cross from me putting his leg up to rest on the other.

The last resort was to call the one and only dick of the year Harry styles. " I said trying to sound casual but I was really scared, what if he just wants to leave me here.

I mentally groaned as I pulled up his contact after sliding my phone from my back pocket on my jeans. "Ok I'll be right there, but I'm not exactly sure where that is so bang on the door, cause if I get close I'll here it." He said and I got up and walked over to the door.

The lads are all sitting around getting pumped for the show like I am but Lou keeps yelling at me to sit still, which makes me laugh she knows that's impossible. They just laughed and mumble a sorry before leaving. " I covered up, I really wanted to know if Lou thought she was genuine, because so far with Jenny I don't like her but we have moments were we laugh together and I think it'll work to develops a friendship but then it ends badly and I'm just confused.

"I'll meet her probably while you're performing, I know it's hard cause you had to go public so soon but if it's right it's right Harry, don't think of it too much just focus on right now, the show make it a good one!

" I chuckled making a joke out of this situation and trying not to seem like I was still a little mad at him. "Ok it was a little funny, and I'm sorry about the Luke thing I mean if we actually were dating then I get how'd that be bad for his arm around me and such." I said, it's not really fair for me to be mad cause I haven't been that kind to him since the start.

---------------------------------------------- Let me here you say...

" Oki have an update again Would you like a milk shake with that ?

It's also shed the annoying baggage (in every sense of the word) of love interest Li.

Transporter 2 is a vast improvement on its predecessor on nearly every level; it has a stronger plot and action sequences which are by turns incredibly imaginative and absolutely preposterous.

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The cast: Jason Statham returns as the enigmatic, high-flying, high-kicking, seemingly bulletproof titular character.

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