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Cecille was already safe since Nate won the first challenge, and it was obvious she didn't really care to actually win this task.Cecille is getting hard to take and it's just too bad Nate is stuck with her, as he's one of the most likeable guys left.They left the way we'd like to see all teams leave, having learned something from the experience, grown as individuals and bonded as a team.This, of course, means that Nate and Jenny Lee have another week together.Revisiting something that has already been done is not interesting. They were given the wood already cut properly, but little else to give direction to their task.With only one hour to build the house, it definitely was a tough challenge, but again, this task didn't really challenge the girls' brains so much as their ability to hit a nail with a hammer.This episode, they kissed tentatively, then gave it their all.It's nice to see a relationship like this blossom, as Nate is still Nate, even after the makeover. There was no indication of progress in the relationship next week as it gets down to the final three teams, though, so maybe it's gone as far as it will.

It was an amusing episode, although the challenges again were disappointing.She really doesn't seem to be there to grow, as she keeps showing an ugly side to her personality and often times just blows off the hard work.In the end, Megan won her first challenge, since she made the most progress in the hour.Nate and Hayes | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Nate And Hayes: Tommy Lee Jones, Michael O'Keefe, Max. Nate and Hayes (1983) - IMDb Director: Ferdinand Fairfax.

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