Jacqueline bisset dating

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Jacqueline bisset dating

’ When I explained that I liked to take care of him, they would say: 'Marry someone rich, then you won’t have to do that.’ What a peculiar idea! But maybe that’s because I’m a rebellious type.” That rebelliousness may have been a compensatory response to the acute self-consciousness the actress suffered as a child.

The daughter of a Scottish GP and his French wife, Arlette – who had fled Paris on a bicycle as the Germans advanced on the French capital – Bisset grew up in Reading.

“Although I’m grateful to have reached this age,” she goes on, still unnervingly beautiful, “crags” and all, “because my father died at 70 and I lost many of my dear friends in their sixties, I can’t say it has been terribly amusing to see everything change. You can’t fight gravity, and I don’t want to have all kinds of operations.

There is only so much time in life and I’d rather read all the articles that interest me in the paper than spend three hours in front of the mirror. You’re really just here for a cup of coffee.’ ” To those who grew up with Bisset, charting the passing decades with her changing roles and hairstyles, it must seem a lot longer than that.

The flip side of that is that women see themselves as interchangeable.

I feel that this obsession to be 'hot’ is more prevalent than it ever was in my youth. “Because they don’t really want to deal with the results and often end up feeling used. When I dressed and behaved in a certain way, I couldn’t handle the results: it didn’t take me where I wanted to be.

When her mother developed multiple sclerosis during her teenage years and her father left, she took up modelling to support them both. My dad would always tell me: 'Your looks are nothing to do with you.

Her father was a general practitioner and her mother was a lawyer who later stayed as housewife.This and the speech she gave at this year’s Golden Globes – where she won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Stephen Poliakoff’s BBC drama Dancing On The Edge – are the only two subjects she doesn’t want to talk about today. “I mean it was lovely to get it, but I didn’t enjoy the aftermath.The reaction was not fun.” Which is sad because, although Hollywood may find genuine emotion uncomfortable, everyone I know loved Bisset’s magnificently scatter-brained speech.Her views are of the well-formulated, non-stock kind and, although she keeps trying to reign us both back to the film she is currently promoting – the brilliant Welcome to New York, directed by Abel Ferrara, in which she plays Gerard Depardieu’s beleaguered wife – and she worries about making “all these broad pronouncements about life”, she seems to be enjoying our wild tangents as much as I am.“Women are becoming so tough,” she frowns when I ask what changes she has noticed in her sex over the years. I certainly thought it had some good points, but…” But women whinge too much nowadays? Then again, women take on too much so of course they whinge, because they’re absolutely exhausted.

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'You think everyone’s looking at you,’ he’d tell me, 'but they’re not really – they’re thinking about themselves.’ It was alright as a method, but I think it left me a bit muddled up about my looks.” Luckily for Bisset, “I was always more interested in men than my own looks,” she says. I liked them in a very wholehearted way, and I didn’t feel that my looks were what they found most attractive in me.

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