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Is dating a recreational activity

Having different interests has the advantage of putting variety in a relationship and keeping things from getting stale.Like every couple who has promised to love and honor one another, Christine and Bob have the opportunity to bring their differences to the table and to create a common life together combining strengths and interests to form an “us.” Such a partnership is a great enterprise, but not an easy one.Consider how some of these relate to the subject of dating.stated that “three qualitative studies of long-term marriages have indicated that similarity in religious orientation, religious faith, and religious beliefs are key factors in long-term marriages (25-Dating includes any social activity in which two people focus romantic interest on each other.

The novelty of swimming by moonlight and sleeping in tents drew her to his sense of adventure and love of the outdoors.Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.Name the problem Effective partnerships face problems head on.It means asking about the movie’s theme or the game’s strategy allowing the other to share his or her excitement and interest.It’s easy to resent the play time of our partner when we are not involved, but resentment will only poison the partnership and distance the spouses from each other.

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Bob enjoyed quiet nights of watching movies with Christine as a perfect way to have quality time with her. Within the first year her schooling and part-time work and his demanding job made free time for recreation increasingly difficult.

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