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During the apostolic age, Christianity began to establish itself throughout the Mediterranean.

However, a quite different Semitic Christian culture developed on the eastern borders of the Roman Empire and in Persia.

In 313, when Constantine I proclaimed Christianity to be a tolerated religion in the Roman Empire, the Sassanid rulers of Persia adopted a policy of persecution against Christians, including the double-tax of Shapur II in the 340s.

Christians were feared as a subversive and possibly disloyal minority.

The members of the newer, smaller churches are drawn both from the traditionally Christian ethnic minorities and converts from non-Christian background.

The main Christian churches are: The International Religious Freedom Report 2004 by the U. State Department quotes a somewhat higher total number of 300,000 Christians in Iran, and states the majority of whom are ethnic Armenians followed by ethnic Assyrians. Believed by some to have been first built in 66 AD by Saint Jude.

From Persian ruled Assyria (Assuristan), missionary activity spread Eastern Rite Syriac Christianity throughout Assyria and Mesopotamia, and from there into Persia, Asia Minor, Syria, the Caucasus and Central Asia, establishing the Saint Thomas Christians of India and the Nestorian Stele and Daqin Pagoda in China.

Early Christian communities straddling the Roman-Persian border were in the midst of civil strife.

At its core you’ll discover a country of warm and fascinating people living within sophisticated culture. It lies between latitudes 24° and 40° N, and longitudes 44° and 64° E. Having 11 climates out of the world’s 13, Iran’s climate is diverse, ranging from arid to subtropical along the Caspian coast and the northern forests.

In the battle which followed Nushizad was mortally wounded and carried off the field.

In his tent he was attended by a Christian bishop, probably Mar Aba I, and to this bishop he confessed his sincere repentance for having taken up arms against his father, an act which, he was convinced, could never win the approval of Heaven.

The bishop of the capital of the Sassanid Empire, Ctesiphon, acquired the title first of catholicos, and then patriarch completely independent of any Roman/Byzantine hierarchy.

Persia is considered by some to have been briefly officially Christian.

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Syriac Christianity owed much to preexistent Jewish communities and the Aramaic language.

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