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Great dating hotspots informative speech

Do something more productive instead by picking up the Potion near the exit below, then continue down south. Don't let the electricity freak you out in the next screen. After this it| |will attack regularly, perform another Search Scope, attack regularly again, | |and then raise its tail. Therefore, have Cloud use Bolt | |continuously throughout the battle, while Barret keeps firing regularly by | |using physical attacks. It will first use its Search Scope | |'attack', which is nothing more than a scan for its next target.

| '------------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the battle you'll have 10 minutes to escape from the Reactor 'cause it's going to blow!

You'll come across the flower girl that we saw in the intro.

Midgar Sector 1: ---------------- Make your way up the stairs after the scenes.

Simply return to the elevator after this, ride it up, talk to Jessie and Biggs to open the doors and get the hell out of the Reactor #01!

Walk over and free her foot that got stuck between the metal bars.

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It remains unclear to the player how to | | adequately respond in each scenario.