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They're not going to offer ultimatums such as, "if you don't do this, you're obviously not a submissive or slave".Most importantly, they are going to have a knowledge and understanding of the most basic cornerstones of any Dominant submissive or Master slave relationship, which are Communication, Trust, Respect and Honor(honesty). I've got nice big breasts - 36D, with big nipples that are round and firm. I'm a good girl in the day and a hot devil at night I'm Alison and I am a specialist of blow jobs.I would like to get my tongue lick all over your hard dick and lick up all of that lovely cream into my hot wet mouth and feel it running down my throat. Don't expect to find that perfect Dominant submissive relationship after a 5 minute internet search.It's not going to happen, that's not reality.A true submissive or slave is going to know that every girl has her own ideas of what she needs or wants.Just as they'll know that it may take time to establish the trust needed to establish a rapport with anyone, Dominant or submissive.

The first and most obvious, but hardest to do, slow down!Last, but certainly not least learn to trust your instincts a bit.If you've stumbled into a chat room, forum, or for that matter, a real life event, if you aren't comfortable there, if others tend to make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, it's time to analyze those feelings. It may be that for whatever reason, that environment is not for you.These forums target all aspects of the Dominant submissive Lifestyle, whether Dominant submissive, Master slave, BDSM Top or bottom, Gorean Master slave, or a multitude of other variations of different types of power exchange relationships.Unfortunately, most of these forums don't indicate whether the environment is one strictly of role play, or if the individuals found in the chat room have a genuine interest, or participation in a power exchange relationship, nor do they distinguish between or acknowledge the different types of Power exchange relationships.

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To most that are there, it's an opportunity for "role play", it's a "game" where no one will get hurt.

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