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Getsumei Byakugan (Moonlight White Eye)The Moonlight White Eye is a form similar to that of the Mangekyo Sharingan of the regular Byakugan.The eye is more powerful than a common Byakugan and the person is born with it rather than having to kill someone to gain the form.The downside of the bloodline is that at a young age the scales are not fully developed and can be easily penetrated by the strong thrust of a sword, small cuts such as knives wont really do much to the person but a powerful slash will result in receiving an injury, along with the fact that once a scale is removed it takes a good amount of time to grow back, the projectile scales can also be easily dodge so the technique is better to use at close range rather than long range.(Credit goes to Namikaze09 for the partial creation of this bloodline and thank you for letting me use it.)Shinsoku (God Speed)A bloodline limit of the Namikaze clan that manifested after many years of enhancing their bodies with chakra to move at incredible speeds along with withstanding the intense pressure.There's only one problem, his love for dangerous creatures is greater than Hagrid's and before long he contemplates making his own. Hi my name is (Legend of the Kyuubi)Age: None of your business (not polite to ask)Nationality: Canada Languages: French (father's side of the family) English (mother's side of the family) Japanesse (self taught not great but not bad either)Patent Pending on Most of the Jutsu and Bloodlines and other things that are mine. I do not own Naruto or any other anime, manga, movies etc.Namikaze Clan Hijutsu (Secret Techniques): Some from Bleach and Dragon Ball series others are original : Zanzō no Jutsu (Afterimage Technique) original Zanzōken (Afterimage Fist)Shunpo (Flash Step)Shunpo: Shunken (Flash Step: Flash Fist) original Shunpo Zanzō: Kudo (Flash Step Afterimage: Painful World) original Shunpo: Gufū Rendan (Flash Step: Hurricane Barrage) original Shunpo: Mai (Flash Step: Dance) original Zanzō no Genzō (Phantom's Afterimage) original Senka (Flash Blossom)Senka: Dokujin (Flash Blossom: Assassin's Dagger) original Shunpo: Rendan (Flash Step: Barrage) original Shunpo: Zanzō (Flash Step: Afterimage) original Tajū Zanzōken (Multiple Afterimage Fist)Genzō no Shibuyo (Phantom's Dance of Death) original Katon: Gōen Rasengan (Fire Release: Strong Flame Spiralling Sphere)Suiton: Daimeiko no Jutsu (Water Release: Great Maelstrom Technique)Taizanshō (Great Mountain Impact)Ryūpō (Dragon Art): Ryūpō: Gozen no Hakkaen (Dragon Art: Roaring White Flame) original Ryūpō: Shinkaendan (Dragon Art: Sacred Flame Bullet) original Ryūpō: Shokyo Entenka (Dragon Art: Dying Out Under the Blazing Sun) original Ryūpō: Hakuryusei (Dragon Art: White Meteor Technique) original Ryūpō: Hidama no Onigami (Dragon Art: Falling Star of the Fierce God Technique) original Ryūpō: Kawa no Hakkaen (Dragon Art: River of White Flames Technique) original Densetsu Ninpō: (Legendary Ninja Art) original Densetsu Ninpō: Geppou (Legendary Ninja Art: Moon Step)Namikaze Clan's Secret Wind Techniques: Fūton: Dairinkudan (Wind Release: Great Ring Air Bullet) original Fūton: Mugen no Yureha (Wind Release: Infinite Tremor Wave) original Fūton: Mugen Kaze Rin (Wind Release: Infinite Wind Rings) original Fūton: Dai Renkudan (Wind Release: Great Drilling Air Bullet) original Fūton: Chō Reppūshō (Wind Release: Super Violent Wind Palm) original Fūton: Shinko Danga (Wind Release: Rising Fang Bullet) original Fūton: Daishōrin (Wind Release: Great Impact Ring) original Fūton: Kamikaze: Kirizame (Wind Release: Divine Winds: Cutting Rain)Fūton: Kamikaze: Daishōrin (Wind Release: Divine Winds: Great Impact Ring)Fūton: Mugen Ryuseiu (Wind Release: Infinite Meteor Shower) original Fūton: Kamikaze Kirimaku (Wind Release: Divine Winds Curtain Cutter) original Fūton: Daijōshōha (Wind Release: Great Imperial Shockwave)Shinkaton (Sacred Fire Release Techniques): original Shinkaton: Enjōmō no Jutsu (Sacred Fire Release: Blazing Net Technique) original Shinkaton: Kyōkaen no Jutsu (Sacred Fire Release: Mirror Blaze Technique) original Namikaze clan's Rival Clan Secret Techniques: Patent Pending Inazuma: (Lightning Flash)Inazuma: Satsu no Karasu (Lightning Flash: Murder of Crows)Inazuma: Raiken (Lightning Flash: Lightning Fist)Inazuma: Raikōtō (Lightning Flash: Lightning Sword)Inazuma: Raiga (Lightning Flash: Lightning Fang)Inazuma: Gōrairyūga (Lightning Flash: Great Lightning Dragon Fang)Raiton: Satsu no Karasuma (Lightning Release: Murder of Demon Crows)Raiton: Hainawa (Lightning Release: Crawling Rope)Raiton: Hainawa: Jibashi (Lightning Release: Crawling Rope: Electromagnetic Murder)Raiton: Raikōhō (Lightning Release: Lightning Roar Cannon)Raiton: Byakurai no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Pale Lightning)Raiton: Gōrairyūha (Lightning Release: Great Lightning Dragon Wave)Raiton: Gōrairyūhō (Lightning Release: Great Lightning Dragon Cannon)Raiton: Gōrairyūjinhō (Lightning Release: Great Lightning Dragon King Cannon)Raiton: Hiryūgekizokushintenraihō (Lightning Release: Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)Raiton: Tenchū (Lightning Release: Heaven’s Judgment)Raiton: Taikōtataku no Raiden (Lightning Release: Lightning God’s Drum Beat)Raiton: Murakumo (Lightning Release: Gathering Clouds)Katon: Gōenkyū (Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere)Katon: Higōkyū no Hi (Fire Release: Soaring Great Sphere of Fire)Katon: Higōkyū: Kagerō (Fire Release: Soaring Great Sphere: Heat Haze)Raiton: Raijin no Rakurai (Lightning Release: Thunder God’s Lightning Bolt)Raiton: Raijin no Raijū (Lightning Release: Thunder God’s Thunder Beast)Chakra Control Exercises : Academy-level Exercises: Leaf Balancing Technique Advanced Leaf Balancing Technique Genin-level Exercises: Tree Walking Exercise Technique Advance Tree Walking Exercise Technique Water Walking Exercise Technique Advance Water Walking/Swimming Technique Chunin-level Exercises: Chakra Armour Exercice Technique Chakra Enhanced Muscles Exercices/Senses Technique Chakra Pulse Technique Jonin-level Exercises: Chakra Sonar (Advance form of Chakra Pulse) Technique Rapid River Walking Technique Kunai Balancing Technique Advance Kunai Balancing Technique Kage-level and beyond Exercises: Waterfall Walking Exercice Technique Advance Waterfall Walking/Swimming Technique Rapid River Walking/Swimming Exercise Senbon Balancing Technique Advance Senbon Balancing Technique Advance Chakra Armour Exercice Technique Chakra Shield Exercise Technique Advance Chakra Shield Exercise Technique Sand Walking Technique Snow Walking Technique Bloodlines: Hakaryū (Dragon Scales)This Bloodline Limit is similar to the Kaguya clan's Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse) but has a major difference.

When activated, scales cover the user's body, giving the person an armor of hardened skin that is stronger than diamond and cannot be pierced except from the most strongest of attacks.

Without this ritual the techniques will become fatal for someone to use.

The ritual gives the person an increase in strength, speed and stamina.

Nobosho no Ryū (Ascension of the Dragon)Ascension of the dragon is the second part of the original ritual given to the practitioner.

The person undergoes another transformation aging their body to fit their new abilities and giving them a huge amount of power, increasing them physically, chakra based and their natural bloodline limit.

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The weaker the metal is the lower the chakra consumption is and vice versa for the stronger forms of metal. This attribute also affects a person's ability to regain health outside of combat and resist specials types of damage from things such as poison, chakra draining, paralysis, burns, etc.1 VIT = 25 HP1 VIT = .5 HP REGENThe Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement.

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