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There is tremendous anger inside the person who is sick.

• As a caregiver, you will get angry – at your spouse, at the disease, at doctors who seem uncaring or unwilling to look at the whole patient.Prepare for this anger and try to direct it at the responsible party: the disease. Don’t condemn yourself when you behave poorly and don’t congratulate yourself when you behave well – especially when other people say how admirable you are. You are simply muddling through, doing the best you can.• Some friends, relatives, and acquaintances will understand what you are going through and some will not. • If someone tells your spouse how lucky it is that you are providing care, clearly point out what is obvious to you: that your spouse contributes as much to your relationship as you do.Feel free to get angry, but maintain a sense of proportion.What they are doing is illegal, but they are not evil people; they are merely inconsiderate or oblivious.

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