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They were set up by Grouper, a website that analyzes Facebook profiles to match a guy and two wingmen with a girl and two of her friends.

That two similar sets of friends met amid the sea of singles was no coincidence.

The goal is always something that happens in the physical world, said Waxman, a New York resident who grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Put off by the idea of learning someones life story from social-media accounts instead of conversation, both would rather get to know dates in person. said Hutton, placing her phone in front of her and staring at it. Besides, a recent study from Northwestern University found no compelling evidence that dating-website algorithms are effective at matchmaking.The third suspect is a black man who was last seen wearing black pants and no shirt.He has tattoos on his chest and arms, according to the report.You can do the same thing on your own if you want, but it makes it easier, said Meade, 27, of Lewis Center.Im not the creepy guy whos setting up a triple blind date.

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Officials are still trying to identify all three suspects.