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enjoy what you have now.....other things will develop in yeah.....i'd bet my next paycheck one important thing thats missing in your lfie is KNOWING YOURSELF. Regardless what happens with your m arriage and with future dates and possible marriages and divorces... Why should someone else want to be with you when you don't even want to be with you.Guys (and women) who "can't be alone" are messed up. you're only Separated and already heartbroken over some new girly ya just met....that's just alllllllllll wrong .

The fact that you thought a long distance relationship would work out was ludicrous from the start. You may be hurting but what you got into was doomed from the beginning.couldnt reply to you privately because of the inbox restrictions, but here it is..i feel ya pain.I experienced a broken heart too after a 6 year relationship.He was my world, but somehow I knew it was coming to an end. I think when you are the one who was dumped it hurts more.The first step is to allow yourself to cry for atleast a week straight. If you do what I did, I begged over and over again believing in my head he would come back.That is normal and it happens to people I have talked to. But, if he didn't want to come back that was his and only his decision. But, there were times I felt that I did have him almost back, which temporarily made me feel better. I'll say the same thing I say over and over again in these forums, don't set high expectations and don't get attached to the outcome (especially the perceived outcome that you have imagined in your head).

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I found that there are different steps in break up.

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