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Dating etiquette thank you

If you're on the apps, you know that someone's picture is the first thing you see. Make sure one of photos shows you doing something you love.

Celebrity matchmaker Amy Laurent—our relationship expert of the evening—encourages you to select 4-6 photos ("you don't need a whole album! One selfie at most, because apparently guys don't like selfies. Say something fun and unique in a light, interesting way.

It may seem daunting and maybe a bit archaic to pick up a pen and a stationery card, but just remember these tips and you’ll soon be a pro.

Post your thoughts here or get hyper-interactive by checking out my Facebook fan page. Founded and directed by Myka Meier, Beaumont Etiquette bills itself as a contemporary finishing program "based on Western etiquette," though the courses are intended to "reflect today's global society." The two-hour class I signed up for promised to focus on date prep, dining etiquette, conversation tips, body language reading, confidence development, and more. Two hours and two experts later, I had learned a lot.But please, take the do's and don'ts below with a grain of salt, because a) can anyone charity function and you're trying to meet people, make sure you stand with your chin parallel to the floor, your shoulders back, and with good posture.Both Laurent and Meier agree that proper etiquette rules you should wait until you are exclusive with someone before you sleep with them.Laurent thinks it takes at least eight dates before you really know someone, and that sex shouldn't even be on the table during the first month of going out.

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If someone asks you a question and you have to chew for 15 seconds before you're ready to answer, you've taken too big a bite.