Dating direct source code online

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Dating direct source code online

If you like the idea of making money with your own online dating service, here's what I like you to do: I want YOU to create an OUTSTANDING and profitable online dating service that treat its members with respect and dignity.

You really can make a lot of money from online dating.

That is, if your service is actually serving its members.However, they do have a reputation to take care of, so they have to maintain a certain level of satisfaction amongst their members.Nevertheless, their business practice is: Don't give the members what they came for in their first months.There are upright and honest participants in this industry for sure, but the average online dating service is mostly serving their owners more than they are serving their members.Even though it's easy to get away with it, I don't want you to create yet another dating service that makes you a lot of money while leaving your members empty-handed.

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I have kept an eye on the industry for years, and it's not a pretty sight.

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