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Dating 24kh ua

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You can enjoy this feature on i OS, Android and Web.We’ll always help you during this travel, you will not be lonely!PARTIES IN SAINT-PETERBURG We will be offering parties in a different format to maximize the fun but to also help facilitate lasting relationships.3.16.x 3.16.6 - added handling of media buttons for call answer, hold and hang up - fixed possible crash and deadlock 3.16.4 [Micro SIP-3.16.4| portable] (7750 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.16.4| portable] (1819 downloads) - added redial last number button - added G.723 codec (no licence, limited usage) - added possibility to pass DTMF automatically - added auto answer after by timeout "Call-Info: answer-after=5" - fixed application crash - fixed H.264 video - fixed save bitrate - fixed make active option in menu - code optimization - update openssl 1.1.0f - update pjsip 2.7.1 3.15.x 3.15.10 [Micro SIP-3.15.10| portable] (14935 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.10| portable] (3273 downloads) - shortcuts feature (configurable buttons) 3.15.9 [Micro SIP-3.15.9| portable] (14006 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.9| portable] (3056 downloads) - adjusting speakers volume only for calls - HW/SW level microphone adjustment option - microphone amplification option - mute improvement - improved VU-meters - fixed VU-meters for Win XP - fixed VU-meters for conference call - fixed VU-meters for Wine (Linux) - other fixes 3.15.7 [Micro SIP-3.15.7| portable] (7179 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.7| portable] (1612 downloads) - VU meters and volume buttons - added ini settings: auto Hang Up Time, max Concurrent Calls, no Resize - fixed hiding voicemail icon - fixed call ending notification sound 3.15.6 [Micro SIP-3.15.6| portable] (4971 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.6| portable] (1166 downloads) - voicemail feature - disable session timers option - fixed date/time display in Calls list 3.15.5 [Micro SIP-3.15.5| portable] (495 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.5| portable] (88 downloads) - save position of incoming call window - port knocker feature (UDP-ping SIP server before register, see help for details) - added possibility to dial numbers with parameters and headers. header=hval - STUN server moved into Settings - small fixes 3.15.4 [Micro SIP-3.15.4| portable] (22242 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.4| portable] (5238 downloads) - bug fixes 3.15.3 [Micro SIP-3.15.3| portable] (11982 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.3| portable] (2632 downloads) - DTMF method option (Auto, In-band, RCF2833, SIP-INFO) - audible remote DTMF signals (RCF2833, SIP-INFO) - mute microphone while sending in-band DTMF - fixed bug in dialing from command line 3.15.2 [Micro SIP-3.15.2| portable] (816 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.2| portable] (124 downloads) - pjsip update 2.6 - small edits 3.15.1 [Micro SIP-3.15.1| portable] (16460 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.15.1| portable] (3988 downloads) - conference calls - improved attended transfer - icons for calls - answer call from command line - fixed ini-file path (portable version) - fixed possible crash 3.14.x 3.14.5 [Micro SIP-3.14.5| portable] (25109 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.14.5| portable] (5948 downloads) - VP8 video codec - TLS/SRTP indication - Display Diversion data 3.14.4 [Micro SIP-3.14.4| portable] (10355 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.14.4| portable] (2175 downloads) - fixed video latency - updated ffmpeg library 3.1.5 - updated h264 video codec 3.14.3 [Micro SIP-3.14.3| portable] (4318 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.14.3| portable] (914 downloads) - search in Calls and Contacts, sorting by columns - clear search field with ESC key - transfer a call: select number from Contacts - added Account name - send crash report optionaly - Opus compatibility with Asterisk 11 - fixed video synchronization 3.14.0 [Micro SIP-3.14.0| portable] (18934 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.14.0| portable] (4780 downloads) - fixed Opus codec compatibility - Opus sample rate 16k Hz, bitrate 20-32kbit/sec - pjsip update 2.5.5 3.12.x 3.12.8 [Micro SIP-3.12.8| portable] (8058 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.12.8| portable] (1822 downloads) - fixed startup after the sleep mode - local account disabled by default - automatically send crash report - fixed "add account" translation - improved startup performance - fixed application manifest - updated Opus library - Opus: sample rate 24k Hz, bitrate 24kbit/sec 3.12.3 [Micro SIP-3.12.3| portable] (12269 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.12.3| portable] (2929 downloads) - fixed possible call dropping (proper INFO handling) - fixed audio device release 3.12.1 [Micro SIP-3.12.1| portable] (20125 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.12.1| portable] (4947 downloads) - added Opus codes (16k Hz, 16kbit/s). Fixed bugs 1.8.x 1.8.2 [Micro SIP-1.8.2| portable] (251 downloads) 1. Updated stack 1.8.1 [Micro SIP-1.8.1| portable] (429 downloads) 1. Updated stack 1.8.0 [Micro SIP-1.8.0| portable] (440 downloads) 1. Fixed TCP transport 1.7.x 1.7.2 [Micro SIP-1.7.2| portable] (228 downloads) 1. If you have several IP addresses, this option allow to select IP address that will be sent with SIP queries. Fixed re-registration bug when TCP protocol selected. 1.6.4 [Micro SIP-1.6.4| portable] (69 downloads) 1. Changed dialpad 1.6.3 [Micro SIP-1.6.3| portable] (64 downloads) 1. 1.6.1 [Micro SIP-1.6.1| portable] (66 downloads) 1. Fixed small bug in messages window 1.5.0 [Micro SIP-1.5.0| portable] (59 downloads) 1. Do not forget to enable in Settings - autodetecting of devices when plugged new hardware or microphone jack, works also when call is active - autodetecting of devices for RDP sessions - Calls page: show time in local format - display audio codecs in user friendly format - RTL (Right-to-left) for Arabic, Hebrew, etc - for compatibility with old harware, reverted ability to specify local port, more on Help page (source Port) - added AES-CM-256 for SRTP - fixed stereo - fixed repeating of ringing sound 3.11.x 3.11.0 [Micro SIP-3.11.0| portable] (12213 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.11.0| portable] (3144 downloads) - pjsip update 2.4.5 - updated video codecs - fixed video compatibility - fixed sound player closing - added option: random position of answer box 3.10.x 3.10.11 [Micro SIP-3.10.11| portable] (10644 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.11| portable] (2553 downloads) - internal optimization - dynamicly source ports allocation 3.10.10 [Micro SIP-3.10.10| portable] (6628 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.10| portable] (1552 downloads) - fixed possible call dropping (proper INFO handling) 3.10.9 [Micro SIP-3.10.9| portable] (10130 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.9| portable] (2471 downloads) - fixed dialing from command line 3.10.8 [Micro SIP-3.10.8| portable] (825 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.8| portable] (179 downloads) - attended transfer (in multicall mode) - internal improvements 3.10.6 [Micro SIP-3.10.6| portable] (6658 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.6| portable] (1605 downloads) - improved accounts management and allocation of network ports - improved users directory 3.10.5 [Micro SIP-3.10.5| portable] (14734 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.5| portable] (3563 downloads) - speaker level amplifier - sticky sound level controls - Ctrl M opens Account - small improvements 3.10.4 [Micro SIP-3.10.4| portable] (882 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.4| portable] (174 downloads) - fixed Direct X video renderer (bug in ver.3.10.3) 3.10.3 [Micro SIP-3.10.3| portable] (179 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.3| portable] (71 downloads) - removed wrong dependency from VC redistributable in video library - Direct X everywhere, instead Open GL in some places - optimized SDL library 3.10.2 [Micro SIP-3.10.2| portable] (268 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.2| portable] (61 downloads) - fixed appearance of popup window, on incoming call 3.10.1 [Micro SIP-3.10.1| portable] (18583 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.1| portable] (4378 downloads) - fixed possible problems with cancelling of outgoing call 3.10.0 [Micro SIP-3.10.0| portable] (1555 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.10.0| portable] (372 downloads) - sound notification when ending call - sound notification incoming/outgoing message - store contacts in separate XML file - improved performance of export Contacts from remote Directory - pjsip update 5062 (2.4 release) 3.9.x 3.9.7 [Micro SIP-3.9.7| portable] (17622 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.9.7| portable] (4428 downloads) - placing calls on hold automaticaly - detection of portable sound devices without restart (headsets, usb sound card, etc.) - links association tel: sip: and callto: - hot keys for menu items - fixed small bugs 3.9.6 [Micro SIP-3.9.6| portable] (12334 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.9.6| portable] (3072 downloads) - unicode - Single call mode by default - Video call and Message from Dialer - Hold and Transfer from Dialer in Single call mode - better navigation from keyboard - changed behaviour of ESC key on Dialer page - context menu in Calls, Contacts, Messages by keyboard - UI improvements - command line: /exit - /minimized always (even with second run) - fixed possible exception when switching tabs in main window 3.8.x 3.8.1 [Micro SIP-3.8.1| portable] (10467 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.8.1| portable] (2460 downloads) - multiple SIP accounts - BLF call pickup - other fixes and improvements - pjsip update 4915 (2.3 release) 3.6.x 3.6.5 [Micro SIP-3.6.5| portable] (775 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.6.5| portable] (240 downloads) - fixed ringback tone 3.6.4 [Micro SIP-3.6.4| portable] (83 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.6.4| portable] (52 downloads) - fixed auto answer by SIP header - changed ports allocation to avoid conflicts with other softphones and old NAT records 3.6.3 [Micro SIP-3.6.3| portable] (20912 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.6.3| portable] (4653 downloads) - fixed directory of users - added presence field in directory of users xml 3.6.2 [Micro SIP-3.6.2| portable] (911 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.6.2| portable] (225 downloads) - dial numbers with spaces from Contacts - fixed echo cancellation 3.6.1 [Micro SIP-3.6.1| portable] (55 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.6.1| portable] (34 downloads) - fixed directory of users 3.6.0 [Micro SIP-3.6.0| portable] (239 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.6.0| portable] (104 downloads) - echo cancellation option - force codec for incoming call option - improved installer - pjsip update 4795 (2.2.1 release) 3.5.x 3.5.2 [Micro SIP-3.5.2| portable] (6630 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.5.2| portable] (1614 downloads) - fixed presence (contact status) 3.5.1 [Micro SIP-3.5.1| portable] (1999 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.5.1| portable] (476 downloads) - release sound card when not used - smaller Settings window size 3.5.0 [Micro SIP-3.5.0| portable] (132 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.5.0| portable] (62 downloads) - added volume and mute controls - added support of Windows domain - optimized CPU usage 3.4.x 3.4.5 [Micro SIP-3.4.5| portable] (8814 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.4.5| portable] (2418 downloads) - fixed compatibility with Win XP 3.4.4 [Micro SIP-3.4.4| portable] (637 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.4.4| portable] (191 downloads) - fixed autoanswer beep - popup main window when answer on call 3.4.3 [Micro SIP-3.4.3| portable] (73 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.4.3| portable] (47 downloads) - fixed incorrect password deadlock - ability to call yourself - remote party DNS lookup 3.4.2 [Micro SIP-3.4.2| portable] (41 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.4.2| portable] (36 downloads) - fixed deadlock in single call mode 3.4.1 [Micro SIP-3.4.1| portable] (30 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.4.1| portable] (32 downloads) - fixed several deadlocks and possible exception - messages window: smaller font size of system messages - messages window: remote party host and SRTP indication 3.4.0 [Micro SIP-3.4.0| portable] (67 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.4.0| portable] (43 downloads) - improvements of incoming call window - incoming call window in center of screen - fixed sound routing when in call - new incoming call sound - beep instead ringing sound when in call - fast (forced) calls hangup, if there is network or remote sip problems - refuse a wrong (repeated) incoming call requests - no autoanswer if already in call - improvements of single call mode - fixed End button in dialer in single call mode, when ignoring incoming call - changed dynamic payloads to be compatible with buggy direct media in Asterisk 11 - new default codecs set - VAD disabled by default - behaviour improvements if you have specified SIP port - internal improvements 3.3.x 3.3.36 [Micro SIP-3.3.36| portable] (5827 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.36| portable] (1659 downloads) - contacts: light grey for unknow presence status, dark grey - unsubscribed - fixed freezing caused by presence subscribtion - fixed Call button in Win XP (bug was in 3.3.35) 3.3.35 [Micro SIP-3.3.35| portable] (332 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.35| portable] (94 downloads) - option to call with video from dialer, contacts and calls pages - ignore incoming call (not decline) when you closes incoming call window - exit microsip from task bar (jump list) - grey tray icon when offline - messaging interface changes - multiple contacts selection for deleting - fixed call hold - cross-domain calls: fixed calls, presence, messaging - improved smart number recognition - fixed repeating of symmetric NAT message 3.3.31 [Micro SIP-3.3.31| portable] (3155 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.31| portable] (997 downloads) - changed behaviour of answer call window, to not accept or reject incoming call by mistake - fixed deadlock when used Cmd Incoming Call 3.3.30 [Micro SIP-3.3.30| portable] (191 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.30| portable] (52 downloads) - now "public address" affects on RTP address - equal buttons height - pjsip update 4654 3.3.29 [Micro SIP-3.3.29| portable] (38 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.29| portable] (29 downloads) - directory of users (sync contacts list with remote server over XML) - smart recognition of number / phone / IP address (you can make local calls by IP and calls with SIP account at same time) - minor bugs fixes 3.3.27 [Micro SIP-3.3.27| portable] (6037 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.27| portable] (2309 downloads) - fixed password store 3.3.26 [Micro SIP-3.3.26| portable] (483 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.26| portable] (154 downloads) - added "Allow IP rewrite" feature 3.3.25 [Micro SIP-3.3.25| portable] (420 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.25| portable] (172 downloads) - changed minimize/close buttons behaviour - store encrypted password 3.3.24 [Micro SIP-3.3.24| portable] (54 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.24| portable] (36 downloads) - deny incoming calls feature 3.3.23 [Micro SIP-3.3.23| portable] (30 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.23| portable] (28 downloads) Auto answer by SIP header 3.3.22 [Micro SIP-3.3.22| portable] (3145 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.22| portable] (1271 downloads) - new presence statuses: "Ringing" and "On the phone" (your server must support this) - updated "away" and "busy" icons 3.3.21 [Micro SIP-3.3.21| portable] (4027 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.21| portable] (1609 downloads) - fixed freezing on incoming call - pjsip update 4538 3.3.20 [Micro SIP-3.3.20| portable] (3504 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.20| portable] (1371 downloads) - call timer in status bar - bigger main window initial size - merged name/number in "Calls" page - context menu on status bar - fixed linear PCM 16 bits/stereo codec - fixed tray icon format - internal improvements 3.3.18 [Micro SIP-3.3.18| portable] (3084 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.18| portable] (1215 downloads) - resizable main window - save / restore main window size - save / restore column width on calls page 3.3.17 [Micro SIP-3.3.17| portable] (305 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.17| portable] (96 downloads) - fixed incoming call window focus 3.3.16 [Micro SIP-3.3.16| portable] (3562 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.16| portable] (1382 downloads) - gracefully disconnect from SIP server when Windows shutdown - added minimize button - sound: added AMR codec - video: updated video codecs - video: runtime CPU features detection (mmx, mmx2, sse, sse2, ssse3, etc) - video: native Windows multithreading for encoding/decoding 3.3.14 [Micro SIP-3.3.14| portable] (3138 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.14| portable] (1352 downloads) - minor edits 3.3.13 [Micro SIP-3.3.13| portable] (1029 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.13| portable] (454 downloads) - support positioning with multiple monitors - fixed main window positioning 3.3.12 [Micro SIP-3.3.12| portable] (91 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.12| portable] (48 downloads) - added call state in status bar - save position of main window - improved save position/size of messages window - interface improvements of messages and main window - added icon for 16 bit color - option "DTMF local playback" renamed into 'Sound events" and now includes also outgoing call signals - fixed focus on incoming call window - account destroy fix 3.3.10 [Micro SIP-3.3.10| portable] (962 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.10| portable] (403 downloads) - fixed lags caused by large calls log - highly optimized calls log code - added calls log limit, 1000 records - compiled with optimization by speed 3.3.9 [Micro SIP-3.3.9| portable] (64 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.9| portable] (27 downloads) - messages window size now can be smaller - copy only number without domain from calls history 3.3.8 [Micro SIP-3.3.8| portable] (1774 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.8| portable] (720 downloads) - copy to clipboard from calls history and contacts context menu 3.3.7 [Micro SIP-3.3.7| portable] (107 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.7| portable] (39 downloads) - popup menu in calls/messages log (select all, copy) 3.3.6 [Micro SIP-3.3.6| portable] (28 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.6| portable] (21 downloads) - resizing of chat window - tab buttons: close/goto - minor fixes 3.3.5 [Micro SIP-3.3.5| portable] (2170 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.5| portable] (971 downloads) - fixed device selection bug - totally removed ice mismatch check 3.3.4 [Micro SIP-3.3.4| portable] (834 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.4| portable] (381 downloads) - always on top option - popup menu on tabs - fixed SILK codec - calls - changes columns width - updated stack 4312 3.3.3 [Micro SIP-3.3.3| portable] (44 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.3| portable] (27 downloads) - incoming call info fixes - fixed possible deadlock on incoming call 3.3.2 [Micro SIP-3.3.2| portable] (1012 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.2| portable] (478 downloads) - fixed UDP transport selection - auto startup in minimized state, otherwise in normal - internal optimization - updated stack 4310 3.3.1 [Micro SIP-3.3.1| portable] (91 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.1| portable] (32 downloads) - fixed auto open of video preview of callee - optimization of sound device selection 3.3.0 [Micro SIP-3.3.0| portable] (39 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.3.0| portable] (18 downloads) - setting to specify device for ringing sound 3.2.x 3.2.4 [Micro SIP-3.2.4| portable] (1600 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.2.4| portable] (678 downloads) - fixed spelling error Cmd Incoming Call - fixed Cmd Incoming Call parameter - Cmd Incoming Call run in hidden mode - disabled sip contact rewrite - added User-Agent info on incoming call 3.2.3 [Micro SIP-3.2.3| portable] (47 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.2.3| portable] (30 downloads) - fixed dial number from command line - added option to execute command with CID as parameter on incoming call. - rejecting incoming calls only with unknown username but not with domain 3.2.2 [Micro SIP-3.2.2| portable] (669 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.2.2| portable] (336 downloads) - fixed sleep/wakeup problems - fixed application freezing - fixed call duration on close tab - fixed transport selection problems - updated stack - updated silk codec - blocking incoming calls with invalid recipient 3.2.1 [Micro SIP-3.2.1| portable] (68 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.2.1| portable] (31 downloads) - fixed duration bug - added failed calls info 3.1.x 3.1.19 [Micro SIP-3.1.19| portable] (81 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.19| portable] (24 downloads) - calls history (outgoing, incoming, missed), date and duration - keep ringing continuously until call is answered 3.1.17 [Micro SIP-3.1.17| portable] (2175 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.17| portable] (1001 downloads) - ability to specify authorization user ID - option to enable/disable log file - fixed wake-up problems 3.1.16 [Micro SIP-3.1.16| portable] (1573 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.16| portable] (666 downloads) - option to configure video bitrate - added inband DTMF in addition to RFC2833 events - do not send DTMF when on-hold - DTMF local playback - internal optimization 3.1.11 [Micro SIP-3.1.11| portable] (1832 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.11| portable] (761 downloads) - new tabs style - "Username" can has suffix "@domain" (for authorization) - fixed custom port in presence/subscribtion queries 3.1.7 [Micro SIP-3.1.7| portable] (1365 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.7| portable] (641 downloads) - separate call/end buttons - changed buttons layout - autoanswer with video - fixed small single call mode bug - updated translations 3.1.6 [Micro SIP-3.1.6| portable] (539 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.6| portable] (224 downloads) - hold call - transfer call - tabs with close button / middle mouse button 3.1.4 [Micro SIP-3.1.4| portable] (753 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.4| portable] (319 downloads) - fixed single mode 3.1.3 [Micro SIP-3.1.3| portable] (62 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.3| portable] (22 downloads) - fixed caret pos issues when enter number - changed video bitrate from 256 to 512 kbit/sec 3.1.2 [Micro SIP-3.1.2| portable] (59 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.2| portable] (35 downloads) Many new, finally finished. - resizable video window - video preview - ability to answer on video call without video - updated SDL library - updated PJSIP stack - fixed bugs 3.1.1 [Micro SIP-3.1.1| portable] (68 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.1.1| portable] (29 downloads) - added single call mode (single calls without message window), checkbox in settings. TLS transport - encryption of control traffic, including instant messages 2. 1.7.1 [Micro SIP-1.7.1| portable] (73 downloads) Added german and dutch languages. Fixed bugs 1.6.x 1.6.5 [Micro SIP-1.6.5| portable] (73 downloads) Multilanguage user interface. Disconnect from SIP server on suspend OS, connect on restore. Make and receive calls without SIP account (by IP addresses/hostnames) 2. Fixed small bugs 1.5.x 1.5.3 [Micro SIP-1.5.3| portable] (147 downloads) DTMF tones while dialling 1.5.2 [Micro SIP-1.5.2| portable] (104 downloads) 1. Small UI improvements 1.5.1 [Micro SIP-1.5.1| portable] (63 downloads) 1.

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Installer 1.1 [Micro SIP-1.1| portable] (278 downloads) 1.

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