Chat adult symbols

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Chat adult symbols

I like a lot of the emojis but there's some that I don't want to be bothered with and would like to have the ability to "hide" them from the keyboard.

Have you ever found you can hardly find any emoji that are suitable for you in such a disorderly and unsystematic emoticon collection while you were trying to find some good chatting emoticons to chat with friends on phone instead of using boring words?

Click one, and the text code for it will be added to your chat.

Using i Message, you can send text messages over Wi Fi to other i OS users. Just click the “smiley face” icon (or globe icon as shown here, if you have several keyboards) in the lower left of the keyboard to switch to Emoji.

This means that your son or daughter armed with an i Pod touch can text friends who also have an i Pod touch. )So, my daughter will send me messages with more than just the cute smiley :-). (Press and hold the globe key to switch between keyboards if needed.) Add your icons, and click the globe (or smiley) to switch back to the regular keyboard.

You can still use emoticons like :-* to show a kiss even though it’s not in the menu, and yes, you can still use any celebrity or friend’s face by putting their name in double brackets.

Try Zuck to send the face of Facebook’s fearless leader.

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