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The Caymanians were friendly and seemed to like the English." However, as time progressed, the island's expat population began to swell.

This caused tension between the domestic population and foreign expat workers at a time when a growing number of native Caymanians were jobless.

We have world-class hotels, more delicious and diverse dining options than I can count, and adequate high-end shopping.

And don't even get me started on Camana Bay, the town centre development built in the past decade that brings together classic island elements with modern Western architecture and design,” she said.

When speaking to residents, ranging from those who first settled there three decades ago to those who moved there in the past few years, changes to the way the native population and the government view the expat population are frequently mentioned.

Colin Wilson, founder of television channel Cayman 27, described his experience of arriving in Cayman as a quantity surveyor 31 years ago, when expats were still embraced by the community.

"I arrived here in April 1982 not knowing much about the Cayman Islands but expecting it to be very Third World.

Since then, the divide between young Caymanians and the expat community has widened.The generation gap that separates the new expats and the island's veteran foreign residents is also beginning to become apparent.Jennifer Smith, a young expat who moved to the Cayman Islands from America, fell in love with them after visiting as part of a cruise.With perfect white beaches, crystal blue seas and stunning locations, visitors take one look at their surroundings and immediately imagine themselves spending the rest of their lives frolicking in their own slice of tax-free offshore paradise.Yet the majestic draw of the western Caribbean island chain, which attracts over 500 cruise ships each year, is starting to be sullied by social and political tensions and threats to its tax haven status.

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