Carbon dating cotton fabric

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Carbon dating cotton fabric

This leather is the cream of the crop: it has a waxy feel and is genuinely luxurious.Due to its natural characteristics and the fact that it hasn’t been mucked about with, this leather will be admired as a thing of beauty by everyone that sets eyes upon it.Our bellwether leather, despite being a slight tongue-twister, is straightforward when it comes to style.It is sourced exclusively from British Oxen giving you the superior quality that you want from a leather and the unique surface characteristics of the hide can still be seen.

We've gone to town on it and it is quite exceptional.

Our Celtic wools are lovingly made by ingeniously pressing dyed wool to create a beautifully soft texture. Now here you have an all Belgian superhero: suave, debonair, fifth generation maker of the world’s most luxurious linens, and our new best friend.

They incorporate understated stripes and herringbone patterns, giving a subtle nod to our Scottish neighbours whilst also creating a sophisticated and stylish look. Dexter’s linens are a cut above – heavyweight, stonewashed and thickly woven from the very best flax.

What natural fabrics give you is personality – tiny inconsistencies add a depth that make every piece that tiny bit different. The Highlands we refer to here are those renowned Highlands of Northern Belgium, where we have worked for many years with one of the oldest and most civilised mills.

Woven from linen, viscose and cotton this “tweed” has real depth, character, and a subtlety of contrast, that made us immediately think of the other Highlands, where the boys wear skirts.

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It has a super soft and supple finish as well, meaning your sofa will be the perfect place to while away the hours.

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