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A lot of E46s (if not all of them for NA) are "Prewired" for options that the buyer could install at a later time.

To see what the car you are looking at is prewired for, look in the trunk on the drivers side on the side panel.

(For the Touring, look in the same place) You should see some badges that let you know what the car is prewired for such as this picture.

Going over the options in this picture, A few cars I looked at already had this option installed. If its not installed, and you see the badge in the trunk, the car is ready for this option.

A high performance variant of the E46 chassis was designated the M3.

This version had a larger, more powerful engine, sportier suspension, a limited slip differential and various aesthetic modifications, The M3 was released in 2001. Parts for a Motorsports car are more expensive than their non M counterparts and insurance will also cost you more for a Motorsports car as compared to a E46 equipped with the ZHP package, the closest E46 to a M car.

I do not know the facts behind all the options and which ones were or were not offered on an individual basis, but two that I know of for sure are Seat heaters and the Moonroof.

So the presence of a option by itself may not necessarily mean that the car will have the package that includes that item.

The E46 was a huge success for BMW in all their markets with their record year in 2002 in which they sold over 560,000 units worldwide.

Note the Manual controls on the seat and the electronic controls on this seat with a ZPP or better package.

Please know that there are aftermarket kits to replace the wood trim in these cars, so the lack of wood trim may not be a positive indicator.

For the most part, its an easy upgrade that you can do yourself should you choose to do so.

The types, one has three buttons in the rear view mirror on the bottom edge of the drivers side.

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I wanted to bring my experience together in one post so that others my benefit from my efforts and the collective efforts of other E46fanatics on this site. The first section will educate you about these cars for this model year of the 3 series otherwise known as the E46.

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