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The present work is concerned with the meaning of the Essene traditions in relation to their values for mankind today and the actual practices which result in an expansion of consciousness.These values may be considered from four standpoints.The quotations appearing on the page preceding each chapter are from two of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the "Manual of Disciplines" and the "Thanksgiving Psalms," or "Book of Hymns," which I have translated from photo static copies of the original texts found in the caves of Qumrum.Man has appeared to realize, as far back as records exist, that he was surrounded by invisible forces.The Essene Tree of Life represented fourteen positive forces, seven of them heavenly or cosmic forces and seven earthly or terrestrial forces.The Tree was pictured as having seven roots reaching down into the earth and seven branches extending up toward the heavens, thus symbolizing man's relationship to both earth and heaven.It is noteworthy that in his book, "The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls," A.

Certain of the people not only knew of these forces but had specific methods of contacting and utilizing them.

The Toltecs in Mexico and Central America held a world picture in which the good forces were called the Army of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and the evil forces were the Army of Tezcatlipoca, the Jaguar.

These two armies were shown in the Toltec pictographs as being in continual conflict with each other.

The several chapters of this book are compiled from material antedating the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.

During the twenty preceding years, 1927 to 1947, I wrote and published a number of books on the Essenes based on certain historical sources such as the works of Josephus Flavius, Philo and Plinius, and on manuscripts in the Library of the Vatican, the Library of the Habsburgs in Vienna and the Library of the British Museum.

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This first volume condenses the quintessence of the Essene traditions from pre-Qumrum sources.