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Ang dating daan convention center apalit

Preceded by the town bands, he would lead the way towards the riverside with an azafate (a basket or hamper) on his head.

Unquestioning, the whole town would follow him, and in less than two hours, the masons would have enough sand for two months.

"The whole town of Apalit helped either with monetary donations, personal service, or with their good wishes." The church measures 59 meters long and 14 meters wide.

The painting was done by a native of Apalit, an industrious pupil of Alberoni.

The church possesses the qualities of good construction: "solidity, capacity, light and artistic beauty." The towers were completed under the guidance of Rev Toríbio Fanjul in 1896.

In 1989, a major church renovation was initiated by Monsignor Rústico G. The Libad, a fluvial procession in honour of the town's patron saint Peter the Apostle (known locally Apung Iru), is annually from 28 to 30 June.

It was "the pride of Pampanga, an indelible tribute to Fr.

In 1928, Doña María translated the image of Apung Iru from the Armayan-Espíritu ancestral home in Sitio Alauli in Barangay San Vicente to her house in Barrio Capalangan, where it has remained since.

The chronicler remarks that when there was no more sand or bricks, Fr.

Redondo would ask the fiscal (sacristan) to go around town pealing the bells.

The image, with its ivory face and hands, dates from the last quarter of the 1700s.

Family tradition has it that Don Pedro Armayan-Espíritu y Macam (d.

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1904)–or his parents Don Calixto Armayan-Espíritu and Doña María Macam, acquired the image from an aunt, Doña Máxima Santos–in exchange for a considerable parcel of agricultural land in Apalit.

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