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Am i dating a retard

When it comes to dealing with emotions, well sure, there are differences there too.

All people vary in their ability to handle their feelings.

I know he loves me deeply but he has a hard time showing it.

The best-case scenario would be that somehow having a third, neutral person to mediate and make suggestions about how he can better communicate with you might be less threatening for him and will help both of you to see things from the other’s perspective.So my question, is this something I need to accept about him or is there a way I can help him to open up more emotionally? I think this is an important question and probably something most women have had to grapple with.I don’t like gender stereotypes because they tend to limit the way we talk about gender differences.Being good with feelings has nothing to do with solving problems or fixing something that is broken (both of which guys love to say they’re good at).Being good with feelings is about anything about it. Explain to him that he can guess between 4 core emotions to begin with.

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And yes, this determines the way our brains are hardwired thereby creating a kind of blueprint for the way in which we handle feelings in relationships throughout life.

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