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My mantra to women is to look for a complement, not a clone.This may not come naturally to you, especially if you’re a smart, strong, successful woman who thinks that you “deserve” a man who is smarter, stronger, and more successful than you are. That’s why he’d date you, because you provide an element to his life that is unique and special.If love is blind, it’s my job to take the blinders off and let you know how to make slight adjustments that will lead you to greater happiness.And let me be the first to tell you, greater happiness doesn’t rest in choosing a guy who’s just like you.

However, in this case it indicates not only that she is a woman, but also she is closed to sexual advances from men.

This is unfortunate because unconscious body language messages are more accurate and truthful than words.

Women send approximately five times more body language messages than men in the same period. This is a survival skill ingrained in women's DNA from millions of female ancestors dealing with men.

Essentially, you’re trying to date yourself, with a penis. Add those all up, and you have a man who is really hard to land for a successful forty-year relationship. He wants a woman who is nurturing and thoughtful and supportive and patient and fun and playful and sexy.

That kind of thinking is a huge blind spot for many women. The only way to land a man like that is to give him what he can’t get anywhere else. This doesn’t mean that he is turned off or intimidated by your intelligence or ambition, but it’s merely a bonus.

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This may blast her pheromones out to him and make his brain "scramble".