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All oman  dating site online 2016

Oman is one of very few countries that ranks over it’s own country-specific version (Qatar does this as well, but the difference in popularity is much closer).

This trend is most likely due to the abnormally high censorship rates in Oman, which prompt many Omanis to intentionally search on and avoid the customization and stricter censorship on om.

Google has recently attempted to stop this habit by making it more difficult to redirect to, after the company received complaints from various countries (France, Canada, the EU, etc.) that they needed Google to comply with their specific censorship guidelines and to expand the Right To Be Forgotten (a ruling that specified that Google had the responsibility to follow European law, specifically data protection rules) to all global domains. Times Of Oman, the only news source and Oman-specific website on this list, is an all-English website.

Popular Region-Specific Websites in Oman This is a list of websites specific to Oman and MENA that are popular among Omani Internet users as of May 2016: om om om om An interesting pattern to take note of in this list is that even among region-specific sites in Oman, and sites are generally preferred over or .عمان domains, with the exception of governmental sites such as om and com and the Internet service provider Omantel.However, the growing expatriate population and the prevalence of English as a second language taught in most Omani schools means that much of the population will speak English as well. The most visited websites in Oman are typically in the English language, with the few sites written in Modern Standard Arabic available in English as well.Censorship According to the 2015 “Freedom of the Press” Report from Freedom House, Oman remains one of the most repressive countries in the Middle East in terms of Internet censorship.Basic Overview of The Sultanate of Oman Understanding the context of the country in which your marketing campaigns are based is a crucial component of targeting your desired population.Here’s some basic information about Oman to get you started.

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