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Adultmeet chat

"I was washing dishes and I cut my hand — deeply — on a glass," says Lori.

"I had no idea where the nearest ER was, or how I would get there.

She seemed more like a professional than someone who just wanted to go out and party.

Back in New York, I'd constantly networked for my job, so it didn't feel awkward to write her a note. I messaged her out of the blue — saying that I'd seen her on our friend's profile and it seemed like we had a lot in common — and she actually wrote back, which honestly surprised me.

"She became both a partner in crime and a big sister," says Lori.

"And she had a spark that I connected to." They made plans to hang out alone, and soon were regularly going out for brunch and after-work drinks.

For Carrie — and for many women — forging new adult friendships can feel as dreadful as dating.

"It's like I haven't felt that spark yet," Carrie says.

After spending a bunch of weekends alone when I first got here, I thought, Okay, that's enough — I have to make new friends!

"I'd never used my My Space profile for anything other than messaging with existing friends. She lived in Austin, was the same age, also Hispanic, and into outdoor activities and concerts, just like me.

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And I didn't feel like I knew anyone well enough to ask for help." Up until that point, she says, "everything had kind of been a vacation, still new and exciting.