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It turned me on to envision giving myself over to a strong, virile man who would use me for our mutual pleasure.I read an article about top businessmen and leading politicians who secretly paid dominatrixes to control them and use them physically and sexually. They were in the same predicament as me, needing a break from controlling others. are getting so good at nailing our personalities from our web browsing. At first, I just thought, no way would I be a submissive escort but then the idea got stuck in my brain.So here I am, dropped off by a taxi in front of a large estate home surrounded by beautiful gardens. A pretty, young Japanese girl in a traditional kimono opens the door, bows deeply and motions me in. Without urging her hips start to move and she seductively removes her dress.

We come to a tiled spa room and remove our slippers at the entrance.

Akiko takes off her kimono, revealing a perfect body with small breasts and slim waist. She smiles and says, "Please Miss Madison, sit on the stools as I prepare the bath." The stool is of old, weathered wood and has two flat surfaces about the width of my hand on each side with a large open space down the middle that exposes one's crotch.

She removes her white panties and a thick black bush of pubic hair comes into view. It's comfortable but I blush when I realize my private areas will soon be handled by this pretty girl in that open space. The water keeps running and spills over the brim onto the tiles floor.

Just asking for the form made me so horny I ran to the bedroom and rubbed myself to a great orgasm. They had respectable, thoroughly checked out, male clientele who would stay within the rules set out by each woman. If not, please leave." He is not once to mince words. With eyes closed, a sudden peacefulness washes over me. I look down humbly, stand still with my knees together and clasp my hands behind my back to let him see all of me at his pleasure.

The company charged their customers a high fee but women like myself who took part would get nothing other than a free, first-class vacation in a foreign land where the women would be guaranteed anonymity. I look up and he is holding a black leather, jewel encrusted animal collar. Up until now, this adventure was just a foggy idea. Putting this on is the last decision you will make this week." That seals it for me. My purpose now is to simply please this man and nothing more. I can see my diamond hard nipples are showing through the bra.

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It took me a couple of days to get up the courage to take and send the photos required. Breathe, smell, touch, taste, feel and be felt, stroke and be stroked, lust and be nurturing. My eyes happily take in the pleasing, nice colors of Akiko's kimono and the woman's bright summer dress. The woman has a very beautiful face for a Caucasian. She bends and Akiko lifts her dress over her hips for my inspection.

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